söndag, april 25, 2010

Skype - på gott och ont

SJ gör det. Toyota gör det. Volvo, Telenor, listan kan göras lång. Är det en trend att skylla på underleverantörer - att inte ta sitt ansvar för varor och tjänster man säljer, för att det är någon annan, som man i sin tur köper varor eller tjänster av, som har gjort fel?

Hade en liten dust med skypes kundtjänst idag. Det löste sig tillslut, men det blev lite underhållande på vägen. För känsliga läsare vill jag påpeka att jag inte riktigt är så nödställd som det låter på vissa ställen, även om det är lite bökigt och olustigt att inte kunna använda det svenska kortet.

20:01:32 andreas says
Initial Question/Comment: Connection problems (Skype doesn't start)
20:01:37 System says
Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support!
20:01:37 System says
Adam Z. - Skype Support has joined this session!
20:01:37 System says
Connected with Adam Z. - Skype Support
20:01:43 andreas says
20:02:02 Adam Z. - Skype Support says
Hello! As one of our most valued users, welcome to Skype Live Support! My name is Adam. How may I help you?
20:02:19 andreas says
I'm sorry, the initial question is probably a bit off. I can't call +46771221122
20:02:36 andreas says
And that's a bit odd, cause I used to call it all the time.
20:02:40 andreas says
It's my bank...
20:03:47 Adam Z. - Skype Support says
I understand. Our logs indicate that this is an invalid number, but this is likely not the case if you have already made calls to it before.
20:04:19 andreas says
I don't think so.. Not unless they have changed number and forgot to update their website... :)
20:04:42 Adam Z. - Skype Support says
I see. Please allow me to transfer you to one of my colleagues who is specialized in issues of this type and they can assist you further.
20:04:47 Adam Z. - Skype Support says
Please stand by.
20:04:50 System says
You are being transferred to another queue. Please stand by...
20:04:50 System says
Adam Z. - Skype Support has left this session!
20:04:50 System says
Natalia - Skype Support has joined this session!
20:04:50 System says
Connected with Natalia - Skype Support
20:04:51 andreas says
Thank you!
20:05:01 andreas says
20:05:14 Natalia - Skype Support says
Hello! My name is Natalia. Please allow me a few moments to review your previous chat. I’ll be with you shortly.
20:05:24 andreas says
Sure. Thanks.
20:06:27 Natalia - Skype Support says
Thank you, as I understand you experience difficulties with calling a certain telephone number.
20:06:33 andreas says
20:06:42 Natalia - Skype Support says
Could you please provide me with your username so that I can check our database?
20:06:58 andreas says
Yes. It's andreas
20:07:16 Natalia - Skype Support says
Thank you, I'll just need a minute or two while I check into this for you.
20:07:29 andreas says
I have the same trouble with +46 771 977512
20:07:33 andreas says
Ok, fine.
20:09:12 Natalia - Skype Support says
Thank you for your patience, I have checked our database, as I understand you experience difficulties only with Swedish telephone numbers.
20:10:14 andreas says
Yes. Furthermore it's Swedish telephone numbers beginning with 771
20:11:32 Natalia - Skype Support says
I understand. Could you please hold for a minute while I check and test the telephone numbers?
20:11:48 andreas says
20:16:07 Natalia - Skype Support says
Thank you for your kind patience,
20:16:33 Natalia - Skype Support says
I have checked the telephone numbers and I have also discussed the case with my colleagues.
20:17:15 andreas says
20:17:15 Natalia - Skype Support says
The reason for your issue is that there seems to be a problem with the provider that should transfer your call to these Swedish telephone numbers.
20:17:24 andreas says
20:17:43 Natalia - Skype Support says
Our developers are already working hard on solving the issue,
20:18:18 Natalia - Skype Support says
I can report the telephone numbers and your case to them and they will definitely investigate the case.
20:18:40 andreas says
Please do.
20:19:35 andreas says
The thing is that it seems my credit card is blocked and this is my bank, so I really need to get through to them.
20:19:57 andreas says
Is there a possibility to route me through some other provider?
20:20:48 Natalia - Skype Support says
I understand your concern, the providers are chosen automatically, at the moment all I can do for you is that I report the case to our technical department.
20:21:10 Natalia - Skype Support says
I would kindly ask you to try to call the telephone numbers from a landline or mobile telephone number until the issue is fixed.
20:21:45 andreas says
Thank you, but that's not really good enough - you see I am in japan and I have no money, and no landline and not enough money on my mobile to call Sweden.
20:21:55 andreas says
And no working credit card.
20:22:19 Natalia - Skype Support says
I am sorry to hear that, however, this is all I can do for you now.
20:22:21 Natalia - Skype Support says
Could you please provide me with your email address? I am going to send you a follow up email in which I will notify you about the report and the result of the further investigation.
20:22:31 andreas says
Yes, of course.
20:22:39 andreas says
[jag har raderat adressen]
20:22:48 andreas says
When do you think it is going to be fixed?
20:23:09 Natalia - Skype Support says
Thank you, I am going to report your case immediately after our chat.
20:23:29 Natalia - Skype Support says
Our technical team is already working on it, however, I cannot give you an exact time frame for the solution.
20:24:07 andreas says
I don't need an exact time, but it would be very good to know if it is a matter of hours, days, weeks or months.
20:24:34 Natalia - Skype Support says
I would say that it can take 1-2 weeks.
20:25:17 andreas says
So.. I've got a blocked credit card and can't contact my bank in two weeks.
20:25:33 andreas says
There must be some way you can route me another way.
20:25:35 andreas says
20:25:38 andreas says
20:26:34 Natalia - Skype Support says
I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, however, this is an automatic process, it cannot be changed manually.
20:27:02 Natalia - Skype Support says
However, I am going to report your case and our technical team will investigate it shortly.
20:27:16 andreas says
Ok, I'll have to try to find another way. But really - I am a good customer to you. I would like to have some kind of refund, because this should really work.
20:27:33 andreas says
It is going to cost me money to fix this.
20:28:54 Natalia - Skype Support says
I cannot offer you a refund for this as your purchased Skype services are functioning, the reason for your issue is on the provider's side. This is the reason why our technical team is going to investigate the case and if necessary, they will also contact the provider in question.
20:29:17 andreas says
No, my skype services are not functioning.
20:29:25 andreas says
I use skype to call that number.
20:29:38 andreas says
Now it doesn't work.
20:29:48 andreas says
That constitutes "not functioning".
20:30:59 Natalia - Skype Support says
I fully understand your concern, however, please note that you are able to call other telephone numbers, the reason for your issue is on the provider's side. Skype cannot take any responsibility for this.
20:31:34 Natalia - Skype Support says
However, the technical team is working on fixing the issue and if it is needed, we will also contact the provider in question.
20:31:42 andreas says
But it is your provider. Not mine.
20:31:53 andreas says
I pay you to be able to call numbers in Sweden.
20:32:02 andreas says
Now I can't call the number I need to call.
20:32:12 andreas says
That is your responsibility.
20:32:48 andreas says
It it wasn't, why are you talking about resporting and fixing it? Why are your technicians working on the problem, it it is not your responsibility?
20:34:24 Natalia - Skype Support says
I totally understand your frustration, however, please note that the SkypeOut calls are directed through different providers,
20:34:34 Natalia - Skype Support says
in your case there seems to be an issue with the Swedish provider,
20:34:46 andreas says
Yes, but it is your provider. Not mine.
20:34:52 andreas says
I pay you for the service.
20:35:00 andreas says
I can't choose provider. You do.
20:35:45 Natalia - Skype Support says
Please note that this is not a Skype provider, but a Swedish provider. Our technical team is working right now on a solution in order to direct the Swedish calls through a different provider,
20:36:07 andreas says
But the provider is providing you a service.
20:36:13 andreas says
You are selling me a service.
20:36:25 andreas says
You can't deliver the service you have sold me.
20:36:33 andreas says
That IS your responsibility.
20:36:49 andreas says
Even if it is a problem with your sub-provider.
20:37:20 Natalia - Skype Support says
Skype has already contacted the provider in question. I am also going to report your case and the telephone numbers you experience difficulties with in order to make sure that your case will have priority during the investigation.
20:37:36 andreas says
20:37:42 andreas says
Let's make it very basic.
20:38:13 andreas says
I have bought a subsribtion that allows me to call land line phones, right?
20:38:36 Natalia - Skype Support says
Please note that this is not a sub-provider, this is a Swedish provider and Skype has made an agreement with them. Your Skype services are working as you can make calls to other telephone numbers.
20:39:32 andreas says
Yes, but I can't make calls to the phone I need to call. And it should work. And you get my money to provide me with that service. And now you don't deliver.
20:39:46 andreas says
THAT alone means that I should get some refund.
20:40:21 andreas says
Now, on top of that, it turns out that your failure to deliver the service that I have already paid for is going to cost me a lot of money.
20:42:02 Natalia - Skype Support says
Please note that our Terms of Service states this:
20:42:17 Natalia - Skype Support says
3.1 Skype will try to provide the Products with minimum disruptions. However please understand that Skype can not guarantee that the Products will always function without disruptions, delay or other imperfections. Since the Products may be transmitted through public Internet lines and the public switched telephone network ("PSTN"), there may be power outages or Internet service disruption and You may experience some disruptions
20:42:37 Natalia - Skype Support says
You can find the terms of Service on this page:
20:42:50 andreas says
Yes. But this is not the case in point, right?
20:42:52 Natalia - Skype Support says
20:44:47 Natalia - Skype Support says
If you wish, I can refund your last Skype Credit order for you.
20:46:37 andreas says
If you by that mean that you'll pay me back 300 kr, while I still get to keep the credit, that will be utterly acceptable.
20:47:08 andreas says
I would also gladly accept another 300 kr in skype credit, topped into my account.
20:47:38 Natalia - Skype Support says
No, if I refund your last Skype Credit order, your Skype account balance will become 0, you will not have any Skype Credits.
20:47:48 Natalia - Skype Support says
However, your subscription will still be active.
20:47:54 andreas says
That is not acceptable, obviously.
20:48:44 andreas says
What I would accept though, is that you take the cost of my last subscription update, wich is, I believe, 97 kr, and refund it as skype credit.
20:49:08 Natalia - Skype Support says
I understand your concern but this is all I can offer to you.
20:49:41 andreas says
Ok. Then, please put me in contact with your manager.
20:50:49 Natalia - Skype Support says
Please note that this is all we can offer to you as your Skype products are working properly. You experience difficulties only with 2 telephone numbers, all your other calls are connected.
20:51:09 andreas says
No, it's not just two numbers.
20:52:20 Natalia - Skype Support says
As I understood you experienced difficulties with calling Swedish landline telephone numbers and the numbers you have provided me were: +46 771 977512 and +46771221122.
20:52:40 andreas says
And +46 771 757575
20:52:44 Natalia - Skype Support says
I have tested the telephone numbers and I have offered you that I am going to report these telephone numbers to the appropriate department.
20:53:10 Natalia - Skype Support says
I understand, I am going to report this telephone number as well.
20:53:32 andreas says
It is ALL numbers beginning with 771
20:53:46 andreas says
And these are numbers to important functions in Sweden.
20:54:20 Natalia - Skype Support says
Yes, I understand, Skype aware of this issue as I have already mentioned to you, our appropriate team is already working on fixing the issue.
20:54:30 andreas says
Banks, infrastructure, travel companies, pretty much all I need right now.
20:54:40 andreas says
Yes, no you've said.
20:54:58 andreas says
An I think I am entitled to a refund.
20:55:03 andreas says
And you don't.
20:55:15 andreas says
That's why I would like to talk to your manager.
20:55:50 System says
Lorand - Skype Support has joined this session!
20:55:55 Lorand - Skype Support says
Hello! My name is Lorand, I am the supervisor. How can I help you?
20:55:58 andreas says
20:56:20 andreas says
It turns out that 0771-numbers in Sweden have stopped working.
20:56:53 andreas says
For me right now, that is crucial, because I am in Japan and my credit card doesn't work, and I can't call my bank.
20:57:27 andreas says
So I am going to have additional costs, and I think I should at least get this months subscribtion fee back.
20:58:07 Lorand - Skype Support says
I understand your concerns, and as the agent already mentioned, we're going to forward the issue for further investigation, but at the moment this is the only way we can help you. But if you would like us to refund your latest credit purchase that's understandable.
20:58:25 andreas says
But I need that creadit.
20:58:28 andreas says
20:58:50 andreas says
I pay for having access to landlines in Sweden and in a number of other countries.
20:58:59 andreas says
Now you don't deliver.
20:59:13 andreas says
How is it strange that I should have my money back?
20:59:52 Lorand - Skype Support says
If you would like, I can also cancel and refund your calling subscription too.
21:00:22 andreas says
No. As I said - I need it.
21:00:26 andreas says
That why I bought it.
21:00:37 andreas says
But it doesn't work.
21:00:57 System says
Natalia - Skype Support has left this session!
21:01:02 andreas says
That why you should give me money back for what I HAVE bought. Not what I will buy.
21:01:27 Lorand - Skype Support says
As the agent already mentioned, these are the two options we can offer you and of course, we'll do our best to fix the problem.
21:01:47 Lorand - Skype Support says
I can only give back your money if I cancel and refund the subscription, there is no other way.
21:01:59 andreas says
But look.
21:02:07 andreas says
I need the subsribtion.
21:02:12 andreas says
That why I have it.
21:02:18 andreas says
But it doesn't work.
21:02:30 andreas says
I pay for it.
21:02:30 Lorand - Skype Support says
It works, only a few numbers cannot be reached.
21:02:42 andreas says
Yes, but those are the numbers I need.
21:03:01 Lorand - Skype Support says
Yes, this is why we're going to fix it which takes time of course.
21:03:09 andreas says
Look - if you buy a Toyota, and you find out it works fine, except the brakes - how would you feel?
21:03:47 Lorand - Skype Support says
I am sorry, I can only help you with Skype related questions.
21:03:54 andreas says
21:03:55 andreas says
21:04:16 andreas says
But I pay to be able to call all numbers.
21:04:27 andreas says
And now I can't call the numbers I need.
21:04:49 andreas says
So - I buy a service from you, and when I need it, you don't deliver.
21:04:51 Lorand - Skype Support says
As the agent already mentioned "Skype can not guarantee that the Products will always function without disruptions, delay or other imperfections."
21:04:54 andreas says
But I should still pay.
21:05:22 Lorand - Skype Support says
I already offered you to cancel land refund the subscription so you can get back the whole amount of money.
21:06:12 andreas says
No, sorry, I have not been offered that. Please elaborate on that last offer.
21:06:58 Lorand - Skype Support says
"If you would like, I can also cancel and refund your calling subscription too." This my own words.
21:07:27 andreas says
Ok. What does that mean? What would be cancelled, and how much money would I get back?
21:09:04 Lorand - Skype Support says
It is your Unlimited World subscription which cost 84,950 kr, and I can refund it for you, but refunding it would also cancel the service.
21:09:47 andreas says
Do you see my account? Do you see what I spend on your services?
21:10:03 Lorand - Skype Support says
Yes, I can see that.
21:10:07 andreas says
I have said that I would be fine gettign that money as skype credit.
21:10:14 andreas says
You will get it back!
21:10:33 andreas says
Whould you rather I cancelled my subscribtion?
21:11:52 Lorand - Skype Support says
As I already mentioned, this is my only option I can offer you, cancel and refund the service, but in this case you will get your money back to your credit card.
21:12:32 Lorand - Skype Support says
Otherwise I can only suggest you to wait for a few days until the issue gets resolved so you can call those number again from Skype.
21:14:13 andreas says
Are you serious? This will mean you loose me as a customer. Do you want to do that, knowing I spend almost 10 times the money I am asking - monthly!?
21:16:32 Lorand - Skype Support says
If it's suitable for I can offer you a voucher with which you can extend the current one for 1 month, but even in this case, we need to investigate the problem to solve it and will take several days, since we depend on the local telecom providers.
21:17:22 andreas says
Thank you. I will accept that. That was all I wanted.
21:17:51 andreas says
Will you send it to my e-mail address, or should I hang in here?
21:18:27 Lorand - Skype Support says
Just please hold on for a minute I'll get it for you.
21:18:32 andreas says
Thank you.
21:19:47 Lorand - Skype Support says
Thank you for your patience, here is your voucher number: XXX666XXX666XXX
21:19:47 Lorand - Skype Support says
You can redeem the voucher here: https://secure.skype.com/store/voucher/redeem
21:20:42 andreas says
Thank you.
21:20:43 Lorand - Skype Support says
I can assure you that will try to fix the problem as soon as possible.
21:20:47 andreas says
21:20:50 Lorand - Skype Support says
You're welcome!
21:21:03 andreas says
I'll go try find some other way to call my bank.
21:21:08 andreas says
21:21:09 andreas says
21:21:22 Lorand - Skype Support says
Sure, if you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us again and we will be happy to assist you further.
21:21:27 Lorand - Skype Support says

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  1. Skype customer focused?
    Har de fixat det här en? Senast jag prövade Skypeout +46771 från Australien för några veckor sedan funkade den inte men nu kan jag inte ringa från landlina heller (tror vi har VoIP på jobbet dock.)

    Swedbank har dock "För telefonbanken på engelska ringer du 08-618 16 50 eller +46-8 618 16 50 från utlandet." som jag som regel funkar men idag står jag "number one in the que" i mer än tio minuter när de först säger "you'll be connected in less than a minute" Kanske sovmorgon i sverige idag?


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